Feedback From the Attendees

Its great to see Kodavas united in overseas. Let guru karanas bless u people


Thank you very much for your warm reception. We felt we knew most of you eventhough we had not met. THAT IS HOW YOU MADE US FEEL . Hats off to all you No Cal Kodavas. We were all impressed with your well cordinated team effort. Lets keep in touch. We live very close to Disney Land. Anytime you are down here please feel free to stay with us.

Best Regards to you all.
Claudia, Naren, Kavita, Hemant, Vandana, Armida.

Hats off to all of you ,Priya, Chetan, Vivin, and the rest of the gang.. Excellent teamwork. The youngsters certainly had a ball and It was good to see so many of them present. .The Bay Area kids performances were awesome, though we have to admit in all fairness, our little ""LA Kodavathi's" were awesome too?!!!!!! . All of you pulled off a great convention ,and set a high standard of excellence. SEE YOU ALL IN VEGAS NEXT YEAR

Puliyanda kalaiah and Aruna

Thank you all for one of the most enjoyable get together. It was very well planned and executed. It was great meeting everyone.

Thank you again
Kullachanda Thimmaiah family

Thank you so much. We had a great time. The activities on both days were a good mix of various programs with lot of creativity. Food, drinks, music and ambiance was great. The organizers were very generous. This convention has probably set the bench mark for years to come. Thanks again to the organizers for a great convention.

Kavya, Riya, Roshie and Jeevan Machimada

Kudos to y'all. By far one of the best party in North America (in our opinion). Glad we were part of it and did enjoy every bit of it. Needless to say, meeting nice and friendly fellow Kodavas was priceless!

Shashi, Shiney & Sieana

One of the best Kodava Conventions so far. I have to specifically commend the youngsters tending the bar (both days), who seemed to have done so much and enjoyed with the rest of us. The planners the executioners, the DJ's and everyone that was involved ought to be proud of their efforts for the outcome went beyond our expectations.

Thanks for making this one so very memorable
Suraj, Shubi & Sujay Mukatira

We just want to thank the organizers and all the SFO Bay area Kodava’s for putting such a great event together. We had a great time at the memorable convention.

Chimmanamada Mahesh & Rupa

My heartiest congratulations to 'Bay area Kodavas' for organizing a wonderful convention.

What a fantastic effort you all put in!.Been to many conventions over the years-this year's was the best including a great gala dinner!.All of you deserve a good pat on your back.

Happy to be with all of you in this convention. We shall meet again in future events.

Once again, THANK YOU and you deserve two thumbs up and a standing ovation.

Pattacheruvanda Raj Monnappa & Preetham
St Louis, MO

Great job guys & gals.This is the next best convention since Pittsburg.

Only thing bettered that was, Umath att by little angels & their teachers.

Thank you all for the effert.. Best wishes.
Baduvanda Shobha$ changu

You guys did an awesome job. All of us enjoyed your hospitality and were so impressed with everything you did. It must have been so much work putting this together and our congratulations to the Bay Area Kodavas on a grand success.

Chummu and Preethi Pulianda

Great job planning and organizing! When will the photos be uploaded to the site?

Naina Ballachanda

Thanks for the fantastic time. Nice work!!

How do we get copies of the pictures that were taken by Anjaparavanda Preeth.

Dhiraj Carumbaya

On behalf of the Kodavas of So Cal-So Cool, we would like to thank you and all the GRACIOUS hosts for hosting a wonderful and memorable event. It was superb and words cannot express our appreciation for the wonderful time we had. Your generosity was immense, true to our kodava tradition, and all the hosts went beyond their call to treat us as" KODAVA ROYALS". Hooray for all of you and may the good LORD be with all of you. Please share this E mail with all the GRACIOUS hosts.

Many Thanks
Ravi Kalimada

It was indeed a pleasure and honor to be a part of this years Kodava convention.  Bringing people from all parts of the country and outside isn't a simple task- and you all pulled it off really well. The unity among the organizers is commendable and worth a mention. May God igguthappa and Goddess kaveriamma bless you all. 

Good Luck- we now need to get back to our nati pani,
Lt Col & Mrs. Kokkalera Joyappa

Good show keep it up.

Nanjappa Kandrathanda

Everything was perfect.  Want to thank you all again for a fantastic convention.  It was original and all aspects were a great time.

Thanks again.
Kullachanda Vinod and Rashmi

A 'Note of Thanks' to the techie-land Techies!

Thanks for clearly the best overall Kodava Convention to date, gals and guys of N. California!
While I've personally been to 5 of these stimulating, prideful functions, this one clearly took the cake – even over our own 'LA-Yatch-Based' one. That was the general consensus of all – even those like Dallas' Muthu & Rani & Divya who have been to 99% of these Conventions!

The brains and the organizing ability of the successful techie clearly came thru, from the first minute of the Pre-Convention Function to the last staggeringly good (no, no one was drunk!) Valaga after the main function, to the 3rd Post- Convention celebration, after being politely kicked-out-from-2-noisy-rooms at 1am (even this was handled so well, so low-key!).

Starting with the informal 'stand-only-pre-dinner-reception'  Pre-Convention (which made it easy to mingle, unlike a sit-down place) the music, the food, the fun, the people – especially the hosts (and the guests too.. almost!!:D) – were all simply terrific! 

Looks like our techies imported some nice wives up there.  Working Kodavathis – Beauty, Brains, PR, Hard Work & Entrepreneurship. (Time you got into the dating business, guys – e-harmony, or better, e-Kodis (or e-Kodavathis!). 

Yes Sir, hats off to the women who were simply superb too – their hospitality, their organization, their cooking, their dancing, their games and their running of the show!  And, guys, you did a great job too, though we now have to say, "Behind every great woman is a great man with a great behind!!  See, we Kodava men ain't so macho after all!  We give you credit, and we let you do most of the work too!! :D 

The food was good, the music was great, the entertainment was super, the 'color' was lovely, the men were studly (esp the Kupsa warriors' (what great outfits we have, eh, the Kupsa & the Kodavathi Podiya, superb!) and the booze was flowing ah-ever-so-smoothly!

Still-High-Sumanth , 

Machianda Sumanth

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