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Registration includes all activities scheduled as part of the Gala Convention and Pre-Convention.

At the time of Registration, please email the following information to the organizers at the address provided below:                                                             

  • Names of all members of your family attending the event  and Family name
  • Indicate if you will be attending the Pre-Convention

Please take the time to complete the survey to indicate your preferred activity such as Golf, Sight Seeing tours etc This will help us plan the event better and organize the activities for all the guests.

Children between 2-14 years will be hosted in a separate area with supervision on the convention day, If your kids are under 2 and require baby care, we can arrange nanny services for a separate fee. Those who are interested please contact the organizers at the time of the registration.

Registration Fee ***
Paypal Fee Added
  Single Adults
 Students (Full time Only)
 Children (2 to 14 Years)

***Note: We only can accept registration and payment via PayPal at this time. Convention starts July 4th.

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